Friday, June 8, 2012

Identity ..loss..or gain!

There are many things
that have come out
of my hurts and hurdles...

One of the good things-
is the understanding
of who I actually am!

For so many years
my identity was in the roles
I lived!
My childrens' accomplishments,
the way their dad felt about me..
the way my friends affirmed me..
how well I managed my home..

those things still matter!
well..some are a bit different!:)
I am still a mom!
I am still a friend!
I am still a daughter and sister!
I still have a home to run!

but, I am so much more!
so very much more!

I love coffee..
and am particular about my coffee cups-
I love to read,
I love to wander in antique stores and flea markets!
I love the water,
I love to walk!
I cannot sing at all..
but I love music.
I like people.
I enjoy raising chickens.
I like movies that make me laugh,
and I refuse to watch movies that scare me!
I love walking on the beach at night
and find the sound of the ocean renewing.
I like learning how to be empowered
and I enjoy learning to be confident!
I love to talk..
but I also enjoy listening!
I am shy in crowds
and completely open , one on one!
I have learned to say no.
I have learned how to give
without resentment..
I have learned how to retain
my core
even when doing for others and my kids!
I find peace in simple activities
and enjoy being with people I love!
The simple act of being
brings me joy!
Lady bugs make me smile,
rainbows reach my heart,
and a simple touch from someone  I care about
warms my soul.

All this..
is part of who I am!
Part of an identity
that makes me 'me'..

And so...
as I face the next stage of my life,
I have learned answers to questions
that I never knew I needed to ask!

I have learned my identity
and will carry it with me,
no matter the role in life
I have yet to play!

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