Friday, May 18, 2012

The taste of HOPE

Hope has a taste..
it has a smell..
it has a sound...
it has an emotion...

HOPE is the moment
you realize
that MAYBE just maybe
you might have a future..
a chance..

Hope is NOT about a person..

it happens when you,
and you alone,
that you, and you alone,
are OK..
but that you are also
to not always be you, and you alone!

Hope is the moment
you taste
and smell
and hear
and feel...
the prompting that says
"its out there..actually out there"..

HOPE is NOT about falling in love..
or meeting someone...
Hope is not about what is...
hope is about what might be.

Hope is the unknown..
when the unknown stops
looking so dark!
is in whats waiting.

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