Monday, April 23, 2012

accepting the inevitable

so I admit..
I get tired!
I get tired of doing it all..
I get tired of not having someone
else to pick up where I leave off..
I get tired of nights alone,
and checking my oil,
and mowing my yard.
I get tired...

then I accept!
I accept that a lot rests on my shoulders...
but, a lot has been gained
by my independence.

I decide
to face the stress!!
Manage it..
let it swallow me in moments,
and then dig my way out!

I let go...
I do what I can!
I delegate what I should!
I ask where I must!
and I move on!

Some weeks are frustrating,
and some weeks are liberating!
Some weeks are maddening,
and some weeks full of hope.
Some weeks are disappointing,
and some weeks are exciting!!
and some weeks???
all of the above!!

But, each moment
and week..
needs to be accepted!
and learned from...
and then;
the next moment has a chance
to begin!

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