Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Learning to Let go

One of the first steps
in becoming
comfortable with 'me'..
was letting go
of what I expected,
and even

Its letting go
of ideals
and being comfortable
with reality!

As a mom,
its accepting
what I can do!
And forgiving myself
for the things
I cannot!

As a friend,
its being there
as much as possible..
but knowing my boundaries,
and accepting
that I will sometimes

As a sister and daughter,
its being true to me
and true to the legacy
I was raised with!
Its being loyal
and loving deeply..
and its accepting
that I will sometimes

And as woman..
its striving always to do better!
Working to be more,
learn more,
become more...
but sometimes
that in this moment-
this is the most
I can manage!
This is the best I can be!
may be different...
but today
I accept where I am;
and let go
of where I thought I would be

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