Sunday, July 22, 2012

Single bucket list..

Being single...
can  at moments feel so OLD..
and at moments feel so FRESH..
and at moments feel so RIGHT..
and at other moments,
so NOT!

I have learned to be content,
but sometimes I get distracted!
I begin to feel hope..
or look forward;
and forget to enjoy the moment
I am in now!

And so,
I was talking with another single friend
and I suggested
a 'single bucket list!'.
Not life time goals,
but rather
things I want to learn
in THIS season of my life...
things like salsa dancing,
or cooking classes..
or maybe sky diving..
(or not!)
shooting a gun,
or maybe rock climbing.

The sky is the limit..
the purpose is not about
accomplishing things
I have always dreamed..
but rather??
learning how to live for the moment,
and enjoy where I am..
in this season of time!

And so..
I shall begin...
starting today!
to live for NOW..
to enjoy where I AM!
No more! No less!

single bucket list..
still to come!:)


  1. I like this idea a lot. I just found a comment from you on an old post of mine a decided to drop in and see how you are. Time is great healer. It's good to see your life looks great :)