Saturday, July 7, 2012

comfortable to just be...

Dating is a tough thing
for any single person.
Add kids,
Add past hurt,
Add working to provide..
and it becomes seemingly impossible.

In my case..
I have ventured out!
Taken some chances.
Gone on several dates.
Explored some possibilities..
and have come to a place of;
wait and see.

There was a time
I felt the need to push..
to put myself out there.
To say yes to a date because.. you never know..

I wondered if I would ever meet a man
that would not only make my heart skip..
but I would have the same effect on his.
It always seemed one or the other.

I fluctuated between lonely, content, restless and at peace.
The seasons of singleness.

And then..
I realized-
My life is full!
I have friends that love me..
family that adores me...
a job that fulfills me..
children that inspire me.

And so..
content in where I am...
I have a choice:
worry, wish, wonder..
take each day as it comes,
accepting each situation
as it happens...

'open to the possibilities'
simply means
content exactly where I am!

1 comment:

  1. You are in a good place. Peace. Peace with yourself. Enjoy the moments as they come and go. I love to hear it.